Canon 6d Quick Test

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Canon 6d Quick Test

As you would have seen the other day I finally pulled the plug and got the 6d (im still awaiting delivery on this beast) however the other day I had the chance to play with the 6d and various lens’s such as the 70-300 L IS and the 24-105 in Bristol Zoo.

If im honest this was the tipping point for me and pushed me over the edge and forced me to make the jump upwards in bodies, the picture quality is amazing the colours so rich and striking whilst the lightweight easy to operate body is a pleasure to hold.

Im still awaiting delivery of the 6d however I thought id pixel peak the photos from the other day in lightroom and share them with you guys.

These have been reduced for web to 100 ppi and a max size of 800px

_MG_9448 _MG_9373 _MG_9323 _MG_9322

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