The Time Has Finally Come!!!

Today I finally picked up the courage to press the Buy It Now button on the Canon 6D. Iv been playing with the idea of moving away from my trusty 50D for a while and now but as the 6D offers the same image quality with the extra benefits of the WiFi and GPS I was sold! Im expecting delivery Monday/Tuesday and as iv ordered this from DigitalRev who are based in HK this is amazingly fast deliver! The royal mail have a lesson to learn here. Expect to see lots of photos in the next few weeks!  

Published On BBC

Im more than happy to announce that one my images from the below post has been chosen by the BBC as one of there fav images, by Gull who works on set for the TV program Weatherman Walking . Gull who works for the BBC spotted my image in the BBC Flickr pool and wrote this about it “Danny Linton took this lovely landscape shot down at Three Cliffs Bay on Gower. I particularly like the wild flowers which are as much a part of the view as the sea and cliffs at this time of year.” I will be …