30 Day Photo Challenge

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30 Day Photo Challenge

Welcome to the start of an epic journey over the next 30 days, well ok maybe that was a little over the top but still this should be fun! I found this last month but thought id wait till the start of the month to start it.

Basically the idea is to take a photo every day for 30 days using the ideas on this list, but instead of just taking the odd boring old photo il try and put my own spin on it.

My only issue with doing this is time, i barley find enough hours in the day ATM but for the next 30 days i will trying to fit this in aswel, its going to be challenging but very rewarding so i must push myself to complete it daily, If you notice a few days with no updates this could be due to a trip to Amsterdam in two weeks which i wont have Internet access sadly so will update the photos when i get home.


Well ok enough talking this is day ones attempt which is “Self Portrait”

Day 1 “Self Portrait”

Day 2 “what i wore”

Day 2 "What I Wore" 

So its day 2 and the subject is what i wore, hmm do i chose clothes, my name badge in work or something a bit more meaningful? 

Well i went for my cufflinks that have i worn in good times and some not so good times. These bad boys have lasted me years, i think i got them about 10 years ago for a job interview (which i got) but have put them to good use in many a wedding, on in particular being my uncles who i had the honor of being the best man. On the not so happy times side i wore this outfit including the cufflinks to my fathers funeral and also my step fathers funeral and for these reasons i have chosen these to be my subject for todays photo.

day 2 what i wore


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