Swansea Fashion Photographer – Shoot With Marie Jesie

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Swansea Fashion Photographer – Shoot With Marie Jesie

At the end of the day its night

Today i had the pleasure of working with Marie Jesie who is a natural even tho its only her 4th shoot she knew exactly how i wanted her to pose and needed little direction from myself!

As you can see from the images it was a fun packed day with lots of different outfits and even a sunset that we didn’t plan on capturing.

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One thing that every photographer needs to be aware of  when shooting outdoors is the weather and how a stunning photo like the one at the top can be captured simply by using one light and a very dramatic sky! What this photo on the other hand doesn’t show is the 20mph winds and the excuse of an umbrella that was attached to a light stand being held up by mine and the models feet. To cut a long story short the umbrella will no longer be any use to anyone, but that’s the price you pay for capturing great photos.


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