Swansea Photographer – Victoria Morgan-Hill Studio Shoot

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Swansea Photographer – Victoria Morgan-Hill Studio Shoot

This year my new years resolutions were simple.

1. Take more photos of people

2.Start a new local community bassed project

3.Buy more photography gear ;)

So with a week off work i have booked myself up with a few shoots, starting today with Miss Victoria Morgan-Hill. Some of you regular readers may have seen Miss V before as i did a Urban style shoot for her a few months ago (which was great fun).

Miss V was kind enough to agree another shoot as i wanted to try out a few new ideas that had been rolling around in my head for the past few months, plus i wanted to try shooting in a studio environment.

Images after the jump.

Hope you like :)


  1. Hi Danny and Victoria, Really nice work, very nicely done the pair of you. I hope you enjoyed your studio shoot. I really like the second one very much indeed. It certainly looks like it was worth doing

    • Hi Ken thank you and thank you for letting us use your studio! As i said im def gona be booking again in the near future. Take care Dan

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