Three Cliffs (Gower Photography)

Three Cliffs ( Gower )

The Gower is full of stunning landscapes and seascapes but one of the most stunning and photographed places is Three Cliffs. I thought I would try and capture some of the stunning coastline we have here on Gower and post regular posts on each location to show off the Gower in all its glory.

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As on on going project I am going to be posting regular location guides for viewers along with some of my photos that will be available for purchase from my new gallery (coming soon).

Three Cliffs Gower

Three Cliffs Gower

I’m going to start with one of my favourite places on Gower, Three Cliffs. The Gower offers lots of stunning coastline but this beach is one of my all time favs.

Three Cliffs or Three Cliffs Bay is located slightly off the beaten track, which means you need to walk for a little while until you reach it. There is a few options depending on which side of the beach you wish to arrive at, Also you need to take into consideration the tide as you may find yourself stuck on the other side of the river that flows down the middle of the bay at high tide.

View Three Cliffs in a larger map

Three Cliffs Gower

Three Cliffs Gower

Above is a basic map to give you an idea of the options available to you. The blue line is the route I took whilst taking the photos on this post. I will be publishing a future post walking from the other side, which will capture a totally different look.

The route isn’t for the fait hearted if your scared of heights you may wish to take a different route. When you arrive at Southgate there is a small car park (pay and display in summer) opposite a tearoom and newsagents.

Once you have parked your car walk along the headland to your right either following the single-track road or if you wish to get a better view steer off to the left and follow the footpath along the cliff top. Keep following the footbath until you reach a point where you can see three cliffs sticking out from the coastline, yes this I why its called Three Cliffs J .

Now you need to drop down the dunes and finally back up  to the stunning view of Three Cliffs.


From here you have a few options on how to get down to the beach, my advice is to head right up to the castle next to the golf course and run down the big sand dune! If the tide is out you can usualy walk around from pobbles.

Three Cliffs Panoramic

Three Cliffs Panoramic

If your heading down Three Cliffs for the day either to take photos or just a day out make sure you take a drink of water with you as the walk back can be a bit of a struggle :)

Hope you liked the photos and the very basic guide of Three Cliffs if you are interested in purchasing any of these photos in print please contact me or view the gallery.




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